Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I really wish I would have started this sooner. I guess better late than never, huh? I'm 20.5 weeks pregnant with you. I've been feeling you kick and move about since 16 weeks and I've loved every moment of it so far! I can't wait to meet you. Neither can Daddy and both of our super excited families!

We found out two weeks ago that you're a girl! There's already so many clothes awaiting your anticipated arrival. December really can't come fast enough! Though, there's still lots to do before you come, so do me a favor and stay in there for another 19 weeks.

Daddy and I have been talking about what to name you. I really liked Evelyn Irene, but it's been ruled out. Right now we're going back and forth between Abigail Irene and Ava Irene, though we have plenty of time to consider other names. Mot's (my Mom!) moms middle name is Irene. Betty Irene Lash. She was my favorite person growing up. She passed in November 2002. I looked up to her for so many years. She was such a strong woman. It really is an honor to be named after her. At least I think it is.

Right now I'm listening to a playlist on my iPhone that I've dedicated to you. I play it for you daily as well. I feel you kick more during certain songs... Makes me wonder if you like those songs more! I plan on playing the playlist for you until you're born, then I'll he able to hold you, look at you, and kiss you while we listen to the songs together. I'll even sing them to you.

Our precious Jezebel got her haircut today. You know who Jezebel is, you hear her bark ALL the time. Hopefully when you come her barks won't wake you up!! I know she'll love you, too. It just might take some time for her to adjust to not being our baby anymore. Patty and YP will have to adjust, too. They might have a harder time as they've never been around a baby before or heard one cry... But we will see!

I bought you more clothes today and looked at bedding for you. I'm thinking I'd like to do Winnie the Pooh for your nursery. I saw a really cute bedding set at BuyBuyBaby. Momma loves Eeyore. I have a few stuffed Eeyore's that I will share with you.

I've wanted you for so long, baby girl. While you weren't planned and came as a big surprise to Mommy and Daddy, we couldn't be happier! So many people already love you and can't wait to meet you! I think I'm most excited. Feeling your kicks each day makes me more and more excited to meet you. Feels like I've been waiting for you for my whole life. All 28 years of it. I will love you forever. I promise you that! For now, I must go to bed. I'm going to visit Uncle Brian, Aunt Brighite, and Baby Clara tomorrow! PS... I think you and Clara are aware of each other. You become really active whenever I hold her. But maybe it's just me being the crazy pregnant woman! I love you!